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April 16, 2024

If you'd bought 1000 shares in Tesla in 2010 it would be worth $1M. Invest now in Astro and reap the gains!

Add 1000 shares to your portfolio and watch it grow in comparison to these four other companies.


Imagine being able to invest in Tesla before the EV market exploded….

Tesla saw its share price surge an incredible 695% last year as the world realized just how big the EV boom is.

Now imagine the same for the eVTOL market…
Another boom that is really only now getting started.

eVTOL aircraft are set to become the future of flight and small-cap player Astro Aerospace Ltd. (OTC: ASDN) is gearing up to play a major role in energizing this new revolution while potentially generating massive revenues.

ASDN is a pioneer in the eVTOL market and has developed one of the market’s safest and most efficient eVTOLs in the world!

The company has also recently entered a binding agreement to acquire Horizon Aircraft Inc., the creator of the world’s FIRST eVTOL that flies exactly like a conventional aircraft for the majority of its mission!

This has resulted in industry-leading speed, range, and operational utility!

As Wall Street continues to digest this big news, now may be one of the most opportunistic times to be watching ASDN closely!

More Reasons to Have ASDN on Your Immediate Radar Include:

  1. The eVTOL market is already a multi-billion dollar market and it is expected to see exponential growth in years to come. If you think Tesla’s share explosion over the last year has highlighted how big autonomous driving is, it could be nothing compared to what autonomous flying may one day become!According to Markets and Markets, the eVTOL market is projected to grow from $162 million in 2025 to an incredible $411 million by 2030, at a CAGR of 20.42% from 2025 to 2030.
  2. The buzz around the eVTOL industry is boiling over, just ponder that “The Air Force may spend hundreds of millions on development and procurement of electrical vertical takeoff and landing eVTOL aircraft before 2025”, according to officials behind Agility Prime.Joby Aviation is reportedly in talks to go public in a SPAC deal that would value the electric plane manufacturer at nearly $5.7 billion while Lilium is rumored to have a capital investment in a Forbes article entitled, “SPAC cash that a source says could be in a range of $700 million to $800 million.” Archer has also announced that “United has now put in a (highly provisional) $1 billion dollar order for “up to 200” of Archer’s Maker eVTOL air taxis!
  3. ASDN is the ONLY public pure play company globally that has a functioning technology in a working, full-scale prototype!The working prototype features a carbon fibre shell, and 16 independent rotors to enable flight. In the cockpit is a touch control system, allowing pilots to fly manually or switch to autonomous mode. The company foresees the vehicle to be used across a variety of industries – from personal, to agricultural to military uses and many in between!
  4. 21st-century urban mobility is getting redesigned by eVTOL. Aviation is getting a wake up call when it comes to gas guzzling aircrafts and how going electric is the solution. The race is on to “green” up the industry and ASDN is standing at the forefront of something quite big. One of the most promising pursuits in electrical aviation is vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft.
  5. ASDN has a goal of applying to be uplisted to the NASDAQ and if this happens, it could be the catalyst needed to set off an enormous rally!

Share prices have already been going parabolic, jumping from around 47 cents to as high as $7.34 in the last few months. This has represented staggering gains of over 1,400%!

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Read on to see why you should be paying attention to Astro Aerospace Ltd. (OTC: ASDN) right now!

While 2020 may not have been the year many of us hoped for and has reeked havoc on many industries, one area that still continued to see spectacular growth and progress was the eVTOL industry.

The post-COVID19 world could represent even more opportunities for this booming space giving more reason to keep your eyes on emerging player Astro Aerospace Ltd. (OTC: ASDN)!

eVTOL technology is rapidly growing in the transportation market with hundreds of programs at various stages of maturity happening.

The record-setting flight of the e-Genius in France sparked wide attention for its impressive climb of 20,000 feet in under 2 minutes.

Electric aviation IS happening. NASA is even working on an electric plane prototype.

So how are companies within the arena flourishing today? Quite well!

Recently Volocopter raised an impressive $240 million from investors to certify its two-seat VoloCity eVTOL and launch air taxi services in the next few years. Just one year ago, Joby acquired over $500 million from Toyota led investors. They followed up that incredible news with even better news, they picked up Uber’s flying taxi business! Now, Joby Aviation is reportedly in talks to go public in a SPAC deal that would value the electric plane manufacturer at nearly $5.7 billion.

Astro Aerospace Ltd. (OTC: ASDN) may be the next stock in the eVTOL space to capture enormous attention!

The company continually defies traditional aviation design and is about to acquire Horizon Aircraft which could help it reach unprecedented heights….

Astro’s strong foundation in the industry, now paired with Horizon’s ground-breaking design and Mechanical Engineering expertise, presents an advantageous opportunity for the combined entity to bring its designs quickly to market!

Read our exclusive report on the company below:

Astro Aerospace Ltd. (OTC: ASDN) is a manufacturer of autonomous, unmanned, and manned electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicles.

The company is the developer of the world’s most advanced, autonomous, short haul, eVTOL aerial vehicles and has a mission to create and distribute eVTOL aircraft that are safe, accessible, affordable and user-friendly.

Company Motto: “Flight Made Easy”

Astro Aerospace Ltd. (OTC: ASDN) is focused on commercializing their technology and selling it to the government and private sectors, so that it can be used for military operations, search and rescue, commercial deliveries, sight-seeing, personal flight, and much more.

Dedicated to the Future of things to come, ASDN is at the forefront of this disruptive aerial vehicle industry, continually exploring ways to apply their technology to global challenges such as traffic congestion, pollution and the overall stresses of daily life. With an elevated perspective on commuting, the company gives the world an opportunity to connect with new possibilities and exciting investment opportunities.

As the quintessential vehicle of the Modern Age, ASDN offers a chance to reclaim control over out time, wellbeing and impact on the environment, allowing the company to focus on the things that matter most.

The onset of vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircrafts will disrupt our cities and our daily lives in an unprecedented way; radically improving urban mobility and avoiding time lost in traffic.

Like many technologies before it, drones have emerged beyond their military origins to become valuable tools across various industries.

Goldman Sachs had forecast that drones would reach an estimated $100 billion market opportunity in 2020, aided by growing demand from commercial and civil government sectors.

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Astro Aerospace Announces the Acquisition of Horizon Aircraft to Propel Itself as a Leader in the eVTOL market!

Horizon is a Canadian company trailblazing in the global aerospace industry that has developed the prototype Cavorite X5, an eVTOL travelling up to an estimated speed of 450 km/h with a 500 kilometer range and a five passenger capacity!

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The vehicle has been designed to have reduced hydrocarbon emissions, and built for operational realities including bad weather, traffic avoidance, and low-time pilots.

The revolutionary split-wing mechanism allows the Cavorite X5 to transition between VTOL and horizontal flight mode,which is a totally unique path to market…

The Cavorite X5 started out as something completely different – a project to create a modern high-lift, hybrid-electric cargo version of the amphibious Republic RC-3 SeaBee sport plane.

The X5 is a five-seat canard-style plane with a large pusher prop at the back. Its large, forward swept main wing and smaller, swept-back front canard wing offer a high degree of lift for taking off and landing on short strips.

Where VTOL is required, these wings split apart in the middle to reveal arrays of ducted fans, six along each rear wing and two in each front wing, turning the X5 into a 16-rotor, self-balancing multicopter.

Once in forward flight, the wings close over, restoring the aerodynamically-efficient shape of a standard wing.

Horizon claims that with an LS V8 engine on board and a relatively modest battery system, the Cavorite X5 will offer fully-loaded ranges up to 310 miles (500 km) with 215 mph (350 km/h) cruise capability and the ability to fill up and fly home on pump gas. Unladen with cargo or passengers, it’ll fly more than 625 miles (1,000 km).

It is its patented fan-in-wing patent that enables the Cavorite to be the world’s first eVTOL that can fly the majority of its mission exactly like a normal aircraft!

Horizon co-founders (father and son duo) Brandon and Brian Robinson are aerospace revolutionaries applying their excellence in Mechanical Engineering to change the way we approach travel.

Brandon Robinson is Horizon’s Chief Executive Officer and is a Mechanical Engineer, a CF-18 Fighter Pilot Top Gun graduate, and holds an MBA with more than $400 million in projects overseen.

Brian Robinson is Horizon’s Chief Technology Officer and is also a Mechanical Engineer, beginning his innovation journey long before Horizon’s existence. Building aircraft from the age of 14, Brian’s previous aerospace engineering company saw much success as it developed numerous first-of-its-kind innovations. This eventually led to designing a revolutionary new eVTOL prototype, long before the market took off!

Today, the Robinson duo is steering Horizon’s team through this pivotal transaction with Astro Aerospace Ltd. (OTC: ASDN) whose well-established reputation, growth trajectory and pool of dedicated investors in the public market presents a transformational opportunity.

“My father [Brian] and I have long admired the unprecedented advances Astro has achieved in the aerospace sector. Astro is a pioneer in the industry, and its work has remained incredibly relevant amongst the rise of eVTOL popularity. Horizon could not be happier to join forces with such an influential company who will contribute its high-calibre expertise to bring our design to market.”

– Brandon Robinson

“The acquisition of Horizon will allow the visions of both Horizon and Astro to align, creating a powerful force in the eVTOL market. Astro shareholders can soon anticipate exponential growth as we enter this next chapter as an even greater player in the aerospace industry.”

– Astro CEO Bruce Bent

This strategic partnership between Horizon and Astro has the market paying very close attention as shares have exploded in the TRIPLE DIGITS since the company announced the news!

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ALTA | Transport made easy

The New ALTA platform includes the company’s proprietary foldable “Air Frame” design with compact size and nimble maneuverability, which flies solo and connects to a series of designed “Pods” enabling Astro’s modular system to perform in multi-use applications, such as passenger, cargo, agricultural, med-evac, rescue, military and many others.

Astro ALTA LaFRa

The ALTA LaFRa (Low-altitude Fast Response aircraft) is the newest pod concept to join Astro’s ALTA fleet of Pods and will target search and rescue, and ambulance/medical applications.

Astro ALTA Med-Evac

The ALTA LaFRa pod utilizes our modified “CockPit” platform and includes 2 medical beds, on board oxygen supply and ease of entry and exit features among others.

Astro ALTA Cargo

The ALTA Cargo pod (Orbit) embraces a simplistic design to maximize available volume and payload cargo capacity, allowing for easy-on and easy-off boarding of materials and goods.

Astro ALTA Cockpit

The ALTA Cockpit 2 and 4-person pods are the newest additions to our PassengerDrone program. The two new models compliment our original 2016 Elroy design which was one of the first eVTOLs worldwide to fly successfully both unmanned and manned.

Astro ALTA Fold

The compact size and proprietary foldable design system allow ALTA to fit nicely into a standard 20ft shipping container for ease of transport. The 2-way hinge mechanism allows for swinging in both directions, up and down, creating convenience for storage, transportation and maintenance.

It was in 2018 that Astro Aerospace Ltd. (OTC: ASDN)’s drone, ‘Elroy’, was one of the first to seamlessly fly with humans on board!

ELROY | Flight Made Easy

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In this continuously integrated world, simple and seamless designs are key in universal communication and efficient product use. Astro believes drones are tools that should be user friendly and 100% fool proof.

Fast and efficient travel

The company’s drones do away with the need for gearboxes, water-cooling systems or aerodynamic steering flaps and are outfitted with fibre optic technology. This allows for fast and efficient data transmission between various mechanical components, ultimately reducing overall aircraft weight and magnetic interference. And with their custom-designed Touch Flight Control, you’ll be up in the air within just minutes of entering ELROY.

An eco-friendly commute

Ideal for operating in densely populated urban environments, ELROY is the environmentally friendly solution to long commutes. Its high-performance electric motor was designed to run quietly, fluidly, and completely emission-free.

First in class

The vehicle’s full carbon body and sleek design provide optimal comfort and protection while maximizing structural efficiency. Equipped with 16 individual rotors, ASTRO aerial vehicles are first in their class for Safety, Reliability, and Redundancy.

Stable and smooth flight

The company’s in-house developed adaptive flight control algorithm keeps the ELROY drone stable in most weather conditions, with hardly any vibration, ensuring a smooth flight for even the weariest of travelers.

Compact size

Slightly larger than a compact car, ELROY drones are unexpectedly quiet and can fit into most garage spaces.

360° surround view

A bird’s eye view without the view? Not a chance. ELROY was specifically designed with wide cabin glass for optimal comfort and a 360°surround view resulting in a uniquely experiential travel experience.

Why is the market so interested in this marriage?

  1. The eVTOL aircraft market size is projected to reach $87.64 billion by 2026, and the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) market is estimated to surpass $1 trillion in the next decade.
  2. Massive contracts, funding and valuations are being awarded at record speed to companies in this vertical.
  3. Horizon, a Canadian company trailblazing in the global aerospace industry, has developed the gold standard prototype the Cavorite X5, an eVTOL travelling up to an estimated speed of 450 km/h with a 500 kilometer range and a five passenger capacity. These specs are best in class!
  4. Horizon co-founders Brandon and Brian Robinson are aerospace legends with a pedigree that has the street paying close attention!
  5. Horizon also beats it’s competition on every significant metric.

Astro Aerospace Ltd. (OTC: ASDN)’s biggest competitive advantage is not only their technology but timing as well!

Most competitors are scheduled for sales to begin in 2025, while Astra Aerospace is offering pre-sales in 2021.

New ALTA platform includes their proprietary foldable patent pending “Air Frame” design with compact size and nimble maneuverability, which flies solo and connects to a series of designed “Pods” enabling Astro’s modular system to perform in multi-use applications, such as passenger, cargo, agricultural, med-evac, rescue, military and many others.

What truly sets the company apart from all other competitors is actually twofold:

1. Pod Technology

2. The timeline to enter the market.

Astro Aerospace Ltd. (OTC: ASDN)’s development of Alta’s pod technology allows the user to switch from cargo mode to passenger mode. This allows private citizens the ability to use their property, without certificates from the government, to operate Alta. This strategic decision affords the company the competitive advantage by entering the market before any other competitor could!

Lilium is one of Astro Aerospace biggest competitors and they are quoted as ready to enter the market in 2025, three years after Astro.

“Lilium says it remains “on track” to launch passenger operations in several locations around the world by 2025” according to Verge.

Moreover, Alta is not built just for civilians. Alta’s pod technology is perfect for Military, enterprises such as Uber or Lyft, cargo transport, and search and rescue missions.

And like we previously mentioned…. Astro Aerospace Ltd. (OTC: ASDN) is prepping to apply to be uplisted to the NASDAQ!

Astro Aerospace announced that they have appointed Kingswood Capital Markets in preparation to apply to become a NASDAQ-listed company.Kingswood Capital Markets is a global full-service middle market investment bank helping clients grow through optimal capital raising structures.

“We appointed Kingswood for its proven capabilities and track record. A capital raise and anticipated NASDAQ listing will be monumental in enabling Astro to access greater capital markets and influential investors.”

– Astro CEO Bruce Bent

If you missed the EV Boom, you certainly do not want to miss the eVTOL boom…

Astro Aerospace Ltd. (OTC: ASDN) may be your chance at learning about this fast-growing market at the early stages!

Start your research right away and make sure the stock is at the top of your watch list!

Get in before they take off.


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